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Hard Rock
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AC/DC's Backtracks Collector's Box Set
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The official home for AC/DC videos
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The Accept Archive - Official Home Page of German Heavy Metal Legends ACCEPT
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Bedlam in Belgium
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Officiele website
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Dark elucidation metal bands complete discography albums singles live
Discograpfie van een aantal muziekgroepen te situeren in het genre Heavy Metal of Hard Rock.
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Good lookin' lads from Sheffield specialising in melodic hard rock. In the 80's they conquered the USA- creating the hair metal phenomena along the way. Truly they have 'rocked it' all over the world.
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The legendary Heavy Metal Label
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Officiële website van deze gigant van een groep.
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Iron Maiden Tribute Website
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Legendarische hard rock band gekend van oa '747 strangers in the night', 'Strong arm of the law' en 'Wheels of steel'
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The place to be for underground live gigs
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Legendarische Duitse rockgroep
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Eveneens legendarisch rockband.
Vocals: Sammy Hagar
Guitars/Keys: Edward Van Halen
Bass Guitar: Michael Anthony
Drums: Alex Van Halen
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